Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning

Mauria Ventures is an IT based company that has been into development business for a long time and has great experience of developing various types of software services.

One of their many areas of expertise is in the Enterprise resource planning. The team of professionals in Mauria Ventures is well qualified and very dedicated towards their work.

We at Mauria Ventures understand why our client needs Enterprise solution. Once after we understand a client need and their expectation of the ERP system, from then our motive is to help the client’s business to grow.

Our history speaks about our work. In the past, we have developed customized Enterprise resource planning system for a wide variety of industries like Oil & Gas, education, manufacturing and others.

ERP software is an integrated system that includes all core business process of a company. It is designed with the key idea in the mind to record and manage data of an enterprise.

Functionalities related to customer order, scheduling operations, inventory management and finance management all are part of the ERP.

ERP factors that drive improvements in an organization are:

  1. It lets the organization to define their business processes and we make sure every process is complied with the whole process of the organization.
  2. The system is designed to properly define roles and security access to employees in order to protect critical business data.
  3. It allows planning every work activity in an organization based on existing stage and forecasts.
  4. It aids in improving the level of service to customers with advanced tools.
  5. The system includes applications and modules that cover the big data into decision making information.

Some modules of an ERP are:

  1. Finance
  2. Human Resource
  3. Customer Relationship
  4. Manufacturing Resource
  5. Supply chain
  6. Marketing

Mauria venture is an Enterprise software company that promises best service to their clients.


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