Mauria Ventures to Offer Great Features to Its Developed iPhone and iPad Apps

Noida – April 11, 2014 Mauria Ventures adds one more service to the list of services it offers and it is the service in most demand iPad & iPhone software development. The prime aim of the Mauria Venture is to develop iPhone apps with many efficient features. :

The features Mauria ventures propose to offer in iPhone & iPad application development services are :

Touch-based interfaces and optimization

The graphical, event-driven iOS apps are developed if it is the client’s requirement. To implement these features we use UI Kit that has the basic tools and infrastructure for the same.

Multi-touch gestures

To implement multi-touch gestures we make use of iOS frameworks. It incorporates APIs to alert us to many standard gestures and if the client’s requirements are of some other gesture, we code them.

Store option

If the need of the app includes unlocking features, selling a new service option or providing other added value, then we make use of the Store Kit framework. This allows us to integrate and enable in-app purchasing option for new content. 

Push notification

To employ the feature of sending over-the-air alerts via the iPhone & iPad application, we use the push notification service that Apple offers. The notification can be anything as social networking status changes or news updates, bank updates, etc

Multi player gaming

Now days, there is a huge demand of gaming apps and many clients come to us with game ideas. To make a gaming app more popular it should have some exciting features. One of those is a multi-player facility, but adding multiple players with a game should be an easy process. We imply peer-to-peer network connectivity using a Bluetooth connection only. Even the pairing of devices is not required.


This feature is used to embed rich media advertisements in the app.  Displaying ads in the apps allows the app owner to earn from the app. However, interruption caused by the ads may become the reason for people not using that app. To overcome this drawback iAd provides such embedding functionality that allows app users to access advertising without having to leave the app. 

News stand

Now days, everything has gone digital be it log at factories to phone bill. Almost everything that required paper once is now digitized. Similar is the case of news and magazines, even though the hard copies get printed and published, its digital form have demand too. For the direct magazines and newspaper publish feature to the newsstand we use Newsstand kit. 

Like this Mauria ventures provides several amazing features in the iPhone & iPad software development. Mauira ventures is an iPhone application development company that always adopts the new features launched for iOS platform. Our iPhone and iPad application development service are growing in terms of intellectual, every day. 


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